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Here are the feedback we received by mail:

21 August 2013

FlossGrip it s the best flosser from the market without any doubt. Good quality, perfect shape and verry economicaly. I am so happy with it.

14 May 2007

I ordered 7 of these in Nov 2002 (see my earlier comment).
I use one at home and one in the office as I floss several times a day. Till today, almost 5 years later, I still have one I have not yet opened and the rest of them are in need of replacement.
I just now placed another order of 24 more units!

John Hadad
Atlanta, GA

01 January 2006


FlossGrip works very well, even with Glide floss.
It turned flossing from a clumsy, annoying chore to simple routine. Now I'm getting a second one for my travel kit. Thanks, Ken Poulton

18 September 2004


Excellent product. Easy to use and effective. Highly recommended.

30 June 2004


I've been using your FlossGrip tool for over six months and it has performed better than I had hoped. Thanks...

26 September 2003


its quite good

30 December 2002


I hope your floss holder is as good as the last one I had that lasted 16 years. You seem to be the only one around with such a product.

02 December 2002


What a handy device! I have very tightly spaced teeth, and have had terrible problems with floss catching between the teeth and shredding. The problem is greatly reduced with this tool. I've bought three more as gifts for my family.

11 November 2002


I bumped into this product on the web while looking for a replacement flosser and I am glad I did. At first, this product seemed expensive, but, after reading the information at their site, I was so impressed with how serious these folks are that I decided to spend the $10 and at least try one and ordered a blue one. I tried it for a couple of months and realized that this product is by far superior, in both design and material integrity, to any comparable products I tried (and I tried quite a few :). I ordered six more! When I got the additional six, I wished I had ordered all in blue. So, I contacted these folks and with not so much as a blink, they replaced the ones I had, some of which I already opened, simply because they wanted me to be happy with their product. In fact, as a response to my inquiry, they e-mailed me that the replacement is on the way to me so I can send them back the ones I did not want So there you have it, both a superior product and a great customer service. If you use hand held flossers, you should try one of these. You will be happy you did. Thank you. John Hadad Atlanta GA USA.

18 May 2002


To whom it may concern: Your Floss Grip tool, once the learning time is over, works perfect. I have tried many types, and yours is the best.

Ray Farris

16 May 2002



I really enjoy your FlossGrip. I have been enjoying mine for more than a year. Last time, I ordered several for family members. At least one of my kids is still using hers.

I find it works best for me with Glide ribbon floss as the start of a daily regime followed with a good plaque rinse, brushing with a quality soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste (such as Colgate Total) along with a dab of household baking soda, followed with antiseptic mouthwash.

My dentist is very impressed as I have not had any plaque on my teeth during my checkups. He is impressed by how my teeth, gums and fillings all stay in great shape. It's a good tongue scraper, too. I just ordered three more for him and his office staff. He says he'll try anything that gets such good results for a patient.


25 October 2001


Good device. It would be even better if it held a small roll of floss (along with one of those little floss cutters), so it was self-contained. I used to have a similar device and it was very handy, since it was all self-contained. For some reason they don't make that any more.