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FlossGrip :-)dental floss! Home page Home page Dental flosser FlossGrip, a product of Graviton

FlossGrip + dental floss = :-)

A product of Graviton


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It's easy to use dental floss  if one has the right tool!
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  1. A few quotes from satisfied customers: "Good device", "I really enjoy your FlossGrip", "I have tried many types, and yours is the best" (read more in our Guest Book).
  2. See also the customers evaluations on,,,,,,
  3. The cost of FlossGrip is rapidly paid back by the reduction of floss consumption: 5" (12 cm) versus 18" (40 cm) to floss manually.
  4. This patented flosser was awarded a silver medal at the International Invention Fair of Geneva.
  5. FlossGrip was praised by the Portuguese Consumer Association (Feb.95, nr145, p.25) and the Belgian Consumer Association (Feb.95, nr374, p.19).
    Which other flosser is approved by an independent consumer association?
  6. FlossGrip works with any type of dental floss or dental tape.
  7. FlossGrip is an environment-friendly product: PP for the device, PET and paperboard for the packaging.

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Flossgrip is a high precision flosser


Graviton is producing the patented dental floss holder, called FlossGrip. Made of polypropylene, a non-toxic plastic with excellent mechanical properties, this device has a highly effective mechanism for gripping the dental floss.

Dental floss does not slip out of this holder, so that all the motions are possible and the level of strength can be precisely adjusted. The device features an uncomplicated method for loading the dental floss; its computer-assisted design also permits excellent access to the teeth, swift and easy manipulation into interdental spaces, and a secure grip by the hand.

In 1990, this flosser was awarded a silver medal at the International Invention Fair of Geneva. It has also been tested and approved by the Dutch foundation for Innovations in Rotterdam (Stichting InnovatieCentrum voor Uitvindingen ID-NL) which specialises in testing new inventions.

In 1994, a crossed study done by the Belgian UCL University showed FlossGrip to be as efficient as manual methods.

In 1995, it was also praised by the Portuguese and the Belgian consumer associations. The Portuguese and the Belgian survey is especially relevant in one respect: nowhere does it portray using dental floss with one's hands. Instead, all its illustrations represent how to accomplish flossing - simply - by using Flossgrip.

The design of this holder has been computer-assisted, with a single priority: maximum ergonomy. Users are thus provided with a number of advantages:

  • an uncomplicated method for loading the device with dental floss

  • a solid grip for the hand

  • swift and precise movements into each interdental space.

However, the real advantage of this holder is a highly effective dental floss gripping mechanism. Unlike existing dental floss holders, the dental floss in this device does not slip, but remains firmly in place during use. Flossing efficiency is thus significantly increased. Users also avoid dental floss wastage.

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